Veteran owned and led, Trumbull provides the experience, expertise, creativity, and diligence necessary to capitalize on the incredible efficiencies unmanned systems can bring. 


Our Mission

Trumbull aims to empower clients to integrate safe UAS technology into sustainable solutions. We acquire data via drones and turn acquired data into actionable information. Through proper and safe UAS technology application, Trumbull leverages decades of relevant experience to integrate UAS into current processes in a risk assessed, value-added approach to realize incredible cost savings and avoidance measures for your organization. Our Values:



Delivering Results with operational Integrity

Environmental Responsibility and Regulatory Compliance

Cost Savings and Avoidance

In addition to operations, clients request Trumbull support strategy, operations, data management, and technology development. As a preferred vendor, Trumbull serves as the go to company for advising, operations, and applied research.

What is trumbull?

Trumbull is not as much a what as it is a who. Though bearing no family relationship, the namesake is an often overlooked revolutionary war hero, John Trumbull. With vision in only one eye, John Trumbull leveraged skills possessed and, after days of crawling through the grass around Boston, sketched detailed maps of the British works to be provided to General George Washington. The quality and detail of his works gained him the attention of General Washington where he was subsequently appointed aide-de-camp. Trumbull is most famous for his paintings, particularly Declaration of Independence which can be found on the back of the $2 bill.