Safety, Compliance and Cost Trumbull's unmanned technology integration to provide aerial intelligence


Our Focus

Trumbull safely collects and analyzes data via drones, and we serve the energy industry by solving technically challenging problems and promoting environmental responsibility. Our strong safety culture and conservative risk based approach shape our recommendations.


Trumbull delivers value within the energy sector through technology pairing, risk management and safety protocol. As experienced operators and practitioners, we have crafted global strategies, held UAS workshops, summits, and created communities of practice. 


Trumbull safely performed several hundred commercial operations for Fortune 30 companies. We performed several world firsts and are scaling mapping, inspecting, monitoring, and sensing efforts internationally. Our highly experienced team performs onshore and offshore operations. 


Trumbull performs data interpretation, visualization, and management. We support sensor, UAS technology integration, and analytics and digital asset management. We are also developing computer vision techniques to identify and prevent large scale incidents.

Focus Areas

  • Technology Pairing & Development
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Safe UAS Operations
  • Engineering & Logistics
  • Methane Sensing
  • Data Processing & Analytics